How to view sent friend request in Facebook

View sent friend requests

To view sent friend request in Facebook – Are you worried thinking about who has not accepted the friend request on Facebook, or you just wants to view sent friend request?

The only way to track friend requests sent in Facebook is login in Facebook’s official website on a desktop. Because, currently there is no other way to view friend request sent from within its Android apps.

If you already know the name of the Facebook user whom you already sent a friend request then, it will be very easy to know about and cancel or undo friend request sent.

But if you want to know about every single person, whom you already sent a friend request but haven’t responded yet then, this article will surely help you:

Just follow the instructions step by step to view sent all friend requests on Facebook.

Step 1: Open Facebook Official Website and log in to your account. Next, left click on Friend Requests button as shown in the image.

First Step

Step 2: Now, left click on Find Friends as shown in the image

Find Friends

Step 3: Now at the top, below of Respond to Your Friend Request, you’ll see a tiny button “view sent requests”.

View Sent requests

After left click on the button, you can see the list of all Facebook user whom you have sent a request and haven’t been approved and that will look like this

final view

You may also view the same in another way. Left click on your name profile -> Friends-> +Find Friends -> View sent requests.

And this is how the list of all Facebook users whom you sent a friend request will appear on your computer screen.

Conclusion: Now you must be thinking, how to know that the Facebook user is ignoring you have sent friend requests. Because it does not mean that if he did not accept your friend request means he just ignoring you. It may be he has not been active for a long time.

But if he’s been active and has not accepted your sent friend request, check it in this way – I have a wonderful idea to be confident about this. Check his recent activities like post share, likes, and comments on his timeline. And you will get it. I hope you enjoyed reading this.


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