Top 10 Best Android Apps you Must-Have

Best Android Apps

Top 10 Best Android Apps you Must-Have – The Best way to start with your new Android device is; installing the best and smart working android apps comes with some really nice features because it is very useful to have a good app collection on your phone that works great.

But the real problem is, there are millions of apps in the play store and searching the best for android phone based on your choice is a bit daunting.

And seeing this, I spent a lot of time preparing the list of best working android apps for every purpose.

So, without further delay, let’s know about these all top 10 best android apps that come with advanced features:

  1. TrueCaller

A powerful dialer and world’s best caller ID help to identify any unknown caller you often don’t know.

Users highly influenced by its smart working features are used in identifying unknown calls, spam SMS, and block spam calls.

Communication with the unknown person has never been safe and that is why Truecaller is the only app can help to make your communication safe and efficient. Let’s connect with people who really matter.

  1. Parallel Space

Parallel Space

Running multiple accounts on a single Android device has never been easy but Parallel Space makes it easy.

It helps more than 90 million users worldwide to log in to multiple accounts at the same time on a single device.

You can easily run and manage two different accounts simultaneously and also switch between them very fast with a single tap. This app has many more features which can be surprising to you such as manage multiple accounts, customize space and protect privacy.

  1. QR & Barcode Scanner

QR Code Reader

Very easy to use, no need to press buttons and adjust zooms for scanning, the fastest QR, and Barcode scanner app.

An essential tool for every Android device, can easily scan and read the all types of QR and Barcode including the URL, ISBN, text, contact, email, calendar, Wi-Fi, product and many other regular formats too.

It can also be used sometimes during online shopping and scanning coupons codes is best to receive some surprising discounts and save money.

  1. CamScanner


The world’s best and No. 1 document scanning and sharing app. What you need to do is simply use your Smartphone camera as to scan the invoices, receipt, notes, certificates, and cards, optimize the quality of scan and easily share the documents in PDF or JPEG with others via Email, docs’ link or social media directly.

You will not have to work hard for sharing the documents with other, no matters how far away you are. It is safe, secure and comes with advanced editing features too.

  1. Keeper Password manager

Password Keeper

Get keeper a world-class security to safeguard your personal information from cybercriminals, you don’t get hacked.

Keeper helps to create strong passwords and stores them for auto-fills on any of your android devices. Through this app, you can also lock your private documents, photos, and files in a secure encrypted vault.

The app has an ability to safely and securely store your credit and debit card information too. You can easily access and sync your password from any device.

  1. TeamViewer


Best use of this app is to remotely control other devices which are far from you.

Teamviewer provides secure, easy and fast remote access and you can use this app to control computers of different operating system (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux), and other mobile devices remotely too.

This app is well known for its complete remote control, file transfer, chat and screen sharing key features.

  1. Find my device

Find Device

Find my device is a product of Google – a new and improved Android Device manager. Very few people know, this app helps user to locate their lost Android device, keeps personal information safe and sound while you look

Through this app, you can secure your android device remotely immediately and help somebody get in touch.

You can also track down your device when it is closed by, because of sound play of this app. That is why finding my device is a great and accurate app. You would love it.

  1. Vault-Hide SMS & Pictures, Videos, Cloud Backup & App Lock

Hide Vault Gallery

As the name suggests, this mobile app is proficiently designed to hide your private videos, pictures, call logs, contacts, and SMS on your phone directory.

Also, the features like app lock, private bookmark, and incognito browser are also available in this app. It always feels good when you transfer data to a new phone without any interruption and this is done by cloud backup feature of this app.

To maintain the confidentiality of your mobile data, you just need some special type of tools and this work can be done very well by Vault app. This features will amaze you but very helpful.

  1. Google Translator

Google Translater

All in one language translator by Google and using this app you can translate between the 103 worldwide languages by just typing. You can translate 59 offline too mean even if the network will not be available there.

Most trusted and more than 500 million people use Google translator to translate languages.

The sweetest reason to use this app is you can translate by speech input and handwriting. Just draw the characters instead of typing using the keyboard. You can save, copy, listen or share the translated text very easily.

This is going to work almost everywhere. So it must be installed on your Smartphone.

  1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

A new app that you will love because of its smart working features which you can’t imagine.

It is just another way to launch the Assistant on your phone.

It allows you to access Google assistant by pressing and holding down your Smartphone home button and simply say “OK GOOGLE” or one tap access assistant too.

This feature of Google Assistant will give you the advantage that you can easily take a selfie, make quick phone calls, set reminders, play music videos, search Google and receive updates on your Smartphone without much effort.

Conclusion: Truly, these all top 10 best android apps are going to be very useful for all of you. You will surely realize that knowing about these apps will help to ease your many conflicts.

This list of top 10 best android apps is perfect for every Android user and they should consider from here.

If you also know about such android apps, then mention it in my comment box given below.


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